Graduate Master of Science in Architecture Degree

Master of Science in Architecture (MS Arch)

In addition to the above professional degrees, we offer a non-professional, research-based graduate degree (this degree is not accredited by the National Architectural Accreditation Board—NAAB):

• The 1½ Year Program of study (3 terms) facilitates advanced research. This post-baccalaureate degree is for students who wish to obtain an advanced research degree (the undergraduate degree need not be in architecture). Students are required to apply for a specific concentration of research supported by a group of faculty, and are further expected to take advantage of the special opportunities offered by this program and our unique physical / social setting to pursue individualized educational goals. The maximum time allowed for completion is 3 years. Current MS Arch Tracks: 

Public Health and the Built Environment track asks, how can designers and planners address health disparities and positively impact population health in communities? One’s zip code is a better predictor of health outcomes than almost any other factor, and the planned and built environment is a powerful determinant of community health. This track allows advanced students to develop a line of research about how the composition of the built environment shapes public health. Specific lines of inquiry are described in the list of faculty. Graduates will have learned about contemporary issues in urban/rural/community design, along with best practices in policy and design, including health impact assessments, context-sensitive design, smart growth principles and community engagement strategies. Track Chair: Michaele Pride

Graduate Degree Requirements and curriculum

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Natalie Rowe, Graduate Advisor